Aunt Bunny’s Favorite Recipes

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August 6, 2014


Alumni Profile - to publish October 2014


This cookbook has something for everybody — from comfort food to company food. Try the Coconut Bread, Cranberry Curry Sauce, or the Turkey and Wild Rice Bake. It’s the food you grew up with, it’s nice to have
​“Aunt Bunny” in the kitchen with you; the stories throughout the book make you feel like you knew her — everyone should have an “Aunt Bunny!”

– Kathy Sanford, Normandy Park, WA

I look for “comfortable cooking” when meal-time comes to mind. Aunt Bunny’s recipes fill the bill. They are tempting with ingredients I have at hand and methods are clear and easy. Variety of dishes from long-remembered simmered ones to quick, tasty newer ones, all favorites are there. 
And meeting ​Aunt Bunny herself brings warmth to her recipes.

– Una Waldron, Enumclaw, WA

Yes, there really is an Aunt Bunny. Those of us who were lucky enough to be her nieces and nephews, or part of her far-flung “adopted” family, grew up on these recipes. When we were old enough to start cooking for ourselves, Bunny shared her secrets, carefully simplifying and refining her instructions, so that even the klutziest of her admirers could make their own yeasty dinner rolls, perfect pot roasts and to-die-for cowboy cookies. So here you have it all — Bunny’s lifetime of experience translated into straightforward,
​idiot-proof recipes. Welcome to the family!

– Mary Lee Townsend, Tulsa, OK

Reading through Aunt Bunny’s Favorite Recipes gives me the same warm and wonderful feeling that I get when I taste a family recipe passed down from my grandmother to my mother to me. With page after page of comfort-food classics like Spinach Cheese Casserole and Brown Beef Stew, I won’t have to search any further for satisfying Sunday supper recipes. Far more enjoyable than discovering tasty new recipes, however, is discovering the woman behind the recipes: Aunt Bunny. She clearly made life lighter and brighter for those who were lucky enough to enjoy her company — in or out of the kitchen. I would highly recommend this book to those who cook and bake with the goal of putting a smile on the faces of those around them.

– Celine Todd, Boulder, CO, Editor of Trilogy Life Magazine