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George “Bud” Barnard

Bud Barnard has led quite an eventful life! Born shortly after the first World War, he was family-named George A. Barnard III — but his Dad, returned from the Air Service as a pilot in France — saw that he now had a son, and exclaimed, “How wonderful! — ‘over there,’ I lost my buddy — so now this boy can be my Buddy!” — and he’s been called that ever since.

His “events” started as a Boy Scout at the 1937 World Jamboree in Holland, with traveling through Europe — and at home, pre-teen ventures into “ham radio.” He discovered that he could hear people in distant countries — and even talk with them! This started his career in electronics, and gave him a taste for languages. Learning several new tongues, he eventually used them living among far-away peoples.

Then World War II came along, and took him into radar with the Army, and after that — into aeromagnetic surveys for oil — in various parts of the world. Then finally to early pioneering in the new world of computers!

But the greatest event of his whole life was finding this wonderful girl, “Bunny” — and convincing her to marry him — in 1949!

He’s now planning a new book — about their lives — to be called, “A Life Worth Living!”

Bud and Bunny at their home in Bellevue, WA (circa 1970)

Bud, 2014