Aunt Bunny’s Favorite Recipes

Annette “Bunny” Barnard

Bunny, also known as Annette, was born in 1927 in Buffalo, New York. Her Mom was Mildred Trumble, and her Dad — Emile Bilodeau, a prominent cabinet-maker. In October, 1948, she became acquainted with a fellow named Bud Barnard, son of an older couple in her church. He had come home to Hawai‘i for a quick visit to see his folks, but soon after meeting her, recognized what a treasure he had found! They were married the following June, at the Church of the Crossroads in Honolulu. They settled down in a little rented cottage by the side of the road to Kane‘ohe Bay, on the windward side of the Pali from Honolulu. There she proceeded to learn how to cook, which she had never done before — and to make the best home a man could ever wish for!

To make a long story short, even while becoming the most wonderful wife and a fabulous cook, she went happily with Bud wherever his work took him — aerial prospecting for oil in the U. S., India and Peru, followed by pioneering computer research and development in California and Washington State — through to his retirement in 1985.

Her whole life seemed to revolve around helping others, and trying to make the world a better place. So many have been inspired by her trust in God, when they’ve asked about her experiences!

She and Bud have felt so blessed to have been able to share in such an uplifting life and in what they each have felt has been the most wonderful marriage in the world!

Bunny, 1974