Aunt Bunny’s Favorite Recipes

Everyone loved Aunt Bunny’s cooking and her best recipes are now available!

The recipes in Aunt Bunny’s Favorite Recipes have been created and served frequently throughout the 56 years of Bunny’s married life, even though she had never cooked before marrying Bud in 1949. She decided then to start learning how to cook, so that she could take good care of him. And she certainly did! — with great success! So, her husband, Bud, has put this book together for you!

As their life together evolved — especially after settling down from their eventful activities in various parts of the world — she found great joy in having family and friends come for visits and stay for meals. And, as you can guess, she built up a big set of recipes which everyone enjoyed.

After Bunny “graduated to Heaven” in 2005, Bud found her computer file of these 300 or so recipes — all edited and separated into categories convenient for planning the meals which everyone had enjoyed. When all the family and friends heard about this, they began clamoring, “Bud! — When are you going to get those recipes out so we all can share them?!”

So — finally Bud did! — and then thought, why not share them with everyone! So — here they are!

Little stories from Bunny’s and Bud’s lives are tucked in among the recipes, too — ENJOY!

I have tried so many of Annette’s recipes that it would be difficult to name them all. One thing I do know is how delicious they ALL are! For several years my husband and I were invited for brunch every Sunday. Greeted at the door by smiles, delicious smells of homemade breads, coffee cakes, quiches, French toast, oven omelets to name a few. The table was beautifully set with a variety of colors, dishes, silverware, cloth napkins and always candles lit by Bud at the beginning of the meal. I treasure the hours spent, meals eaten, conversation and love shared. I am so glad Bud has captured some of ‘Annette’ by publishing her recipes so that others (including myself) might be able to bring a part of her into their home.

– Patti Scott, Prescott, AZ

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